Agricultural Chain

  1. Agricultural Chain Series: various transmission and conveyor chains, like Roller Chain, Hollow Pin Chain, Leaf Chain, Lumber Chain, Agriculture Chain, Engineering Chain, and many other types. Different kinds of attachments are available.
  2. Chain work condition: widely used for various industries, such as conveyor system, agriculture, metallurgy, food and beverage, processing, Palm Oil, Water and Waste water and forest industry, etc.
  3. Chain Material: different kind of steel and alloy steel to make roller, plate and pin.

Chain-Making Equipments, Chain Material Processing, Chain Parts, Standard Roller Chain, Conveyor Chain, Special Chain and Chain packing etc. And the Chain products include Standard Roller Chain, Motorcycle Chain, Timing Chain, Agricultural Chain, Conveyor Chain, Flat Top Chain, Leaf Chain, Special Industry Chain, Chain or Petroleum Equipments etc, over 6000 types.Able to produce nonstandard chain to order.