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PTO Link – Replacement Shear/Locking Pin & Plunger Pin Combo

Product Features:

The Tractor PTO link – Safety Plunger Pin also referred to as the Quick-Release SLIC Pin is actually a single slick pin! SLIC is surely an acronym for Self Locking Implanted Cotter Pin, and because the title implies, it can be a pin and cotter all in one particular! This one-piece locking clevis pin is quickly and safe. The PTO Link method previously includes a replaceable spring- loaded safety pin affixed onto the tractor (female) plate that engages with all the employ (male) plate and can be adequate for many low torque scenarios.

pto link
pto link
  • Shear/Locking Pin-SD (replacement)
  • Spring Loaded
  • Stainless Steel
  • Functions with rear 6-spline 540 rpm PTO for many tractors as much as *100 HP.
  • Quickly connect your mower, shredder, tiller or any PTO driven employ in seconds.
  • Uncomplicated one-step installation for every plate and easy elimination. No distinctive tools or installation hardware necessary.
  • Developed to final (AISI 4140 hardened alloy steel with QPQsm finish)
  • Safety Plunger Pin included with each tractor plate (extras might be ordered separately)
  • When totally installed, the PTO Hyperlink method adds around five inches on the overall length with the driveline.
  • The PTO Link is just not an adapter. Tend not to use in blend with PTO adapters.
  • Compliant with ASABE standards.