SS 级衬套钢链

SS Bushed Steel is ideal for operating underneath extremely gritty or abrasive condi-tions. This chain is often known as ?¡ãSteel Bushed?¡À or ?¡ãRollerless.?¡À Each and every element is machined and heat handled together with the result of strength and dress in, assuring optimum fit for your pins and bushings. Sidebars are developed to accommodate the ends in the pins which lock into position from the sidebars and can not rotate throughout operation.
? Pitch Range: two.609 – seven.000?¡À
? Average Ultimate Strength: 25,000 – 200,000 lbs
? Max. Rec. Functioning Loads: 2,750 – 27,500 lbs
提供各种附件。所有开口链均使用 T 形头开口。除非铆接,否则可能会提供开口结构 SS%20CLASS%20BUSHED%20STEEL%20CHAIN1 - SS CLASS BUSHED STEEL CHAIN被要求。 SS 衬套钢链是按照制造商的规格制造的,可以与其他制造商的常规衬套钢链互换。链轮可以在铸钢中找到,并按预期制造。