Серворедуктор и планетарный редуктор

A servo gearbox is a device that converts rotational motion into a linear motion. A gearbox is used to reduce the inertia of a system, which is vital for ensuring performance. It can also minimize the backlash and increase efficiency. Planetary gearboxes are used in a wide range of servo applications. They provide higher stiffness, less backlash, and lower noise.

The DPG series servo gearbox offers ease of use and performance. It is compatible with DST series servo motors and is available in a variety of shaft sizes. It offers a backlash of 8 to 15 arc-minutes. It can be used in applications such as pharmaceuticals and food processing. In addition, it has an IP69K rating, making it suitable for sterile environments. Servo gearboxes can be found in a wide range of styles, ranging from the simplest to the most complex.

A servo gearbox should provide adequate torque and operating range, and should have a low gear backlash and be able to deal with high input speeds. While modern motion control systems contain many electronic pieces, mechanical pieces, and servos, the servo gearbox is often overlooked. Whether you need a servo gearbox for a car or a robot, it should be able to meet your needs and budget.

A servo gearbox allows the servo motor to achieve higher torque levels. By reducing the input speed, a gearbox helps the machine to make more use of the servo motor’s speed-torque characteristics. High-speed planetary gears can accept very high input speeds and produce gear ratios of up to 100:1.

A planetary gearbox is the most common type used in servo applications. It consists of multiple helical or spur planetary gears that revolve around a central sun gear. Each gear engages with an internal gear. These gears also rotate on their own axes. Since the loads are shared between multiple teeth, the planetary gearbox designs are capable of transmitting high torque loads at high speeds and high efficiencies.

A planetary gearbox offers high torsional stiffness and torque and is often the preferred choice for servo applications. These gears are especially well suited for processes that require frequent rotational direction changes. They are also quiet and offer low backlash, making them the ideal choice for servo applications. A helical gearbox uses a helical gear. They also have higher stiffness and low noise. Servo gearboxes can be used in applications that require high speed and low backlash.

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