Циклоидальный редуктор - сравнение циклоидальных редукторов и других типов зубчатой передачи

Cycloidal gearboxes are a type of reduction gear. They reduce the input shaft speed by a predetermined ratio. They can produce high ratios in compact designs and are known for low backlash. This characteristic makes them an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications. These gearboxes are often used in automotive and construction equipment.

In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of cycloidal gears and compare them to other types of gear transmission. Specifically, we will compare cycloidal gears to harmonic gears and other types of gear transmission. This comparison will help designers to decide which type of gear to use and to make informed decisions for the design of their products.

The RV-C series precision cycloidal reducer is an example of a cycloidal gearbox that offers high efficiency, low backlash, and high moment capacity. It features a compact design and integrated angular bearings to enhance its performance. It also features a two-stage reduction design to reduce vibration and enhance ratio capabilities.

The reversible angular velocity of the input and output shafts is another characteristic of a cycloidal gear. This property makes it possible for the output shaft to complete nine revolutions and the input shaft completes only nine. This reversal of rotation is combined with a reduction in speed that is greater than the input shaft’s rotation speed.

To model a cycloidal disc, we first import the torque transmitting components from a CAD model. We then exclude the eccentric rollers of the cam, which is done for contact simplification. Then, we build the dynamic FEA model with brick elements that contain eight nodes with translational degrees of freedom.

Cycloidal drive kinematics is complicated but it is actually a very simple concept. In a cycloidal drive, there are five main components: a high-speed input shaft, an eccentric bearing, a ring gear with pins, a disc, and an output shaft. The high-speed input shaft drives the disk and the slow-speed output shaft. The ring gear housing has pins to engage the rollers. All of these components work together to produce a reverse rotation at a reduced speed.

The cycloidal disc provides torque multiplication and speed reduction in a simple, but effective design. Its two-stage construction allows for high gear ratios while maintaining low wear. Moreover, it provides excellent torsional stiffness and shock load capacity. With this design, a cycloidal gearbox can produce a higher gear ratio than a conventional gearbox.

A planetary gearbox is another type of reduction gear. They are preferred when low backlash and high reduction ratios are important. Planetary gears are composed of three basic elements, a central gear, and three or more satellite gears. These gears mesh in rolling contact within a static ring gear, and transmit the rotation to the output shaft.

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