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Standard Sprockets and Plate wheels ( European Standard) Sprockets



Selecting OND Sprockets

Please carefully examine the model and usage conditions of the chain that you will be using and select it.
Our sprocket is determined by the following elements:

1.Chain used
OND sprocketes are manufactured with a tooth profile and dimensional precision to bring out the maximum performance of the chain you will use.
2. Number of teeth
OND sprockets are available with small and large numbers of teeth to match your usage conditions.

Single pitch sprocket

*Chain matched:35        Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:40        Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:50        Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:60        Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:80        Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:100      Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:120      Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:140      Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:160      Teeth:from 9-120
*Chain matched:200      Teeth:from 9-120

Double pitch sprocket

*P=25.4mm      Teeth:from 7-100

*P=31.8mm      Teeth:from 7-100

*P=38.1mm       Teeth:from 7-100

*P=50.8mm       Teeth:from 7-100

*P=63.5mm       Teeth:from 7-100