Roller Chain Sprocket 20B15HT



Roller Chain Sprocket 20B15HT Green Painted

High quality Agricultural sprocket 20B15T

This DIN standard sprockets 20B15T mainly using in Agricultural machines, work with DIN 20B roller chain. Teeth heat treated, hardness  45±3Hrc, makes sprockets longer life, surface PPG green painted. PPG painted sprockets no harm to soil, water an environment.

Products carefully packaged, after long distance transport or long time store, open the package, brand new, no damage no rust.

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Technical Information

Product Name: Roller Chain Sprocket  20B15HT Green Painted

Chain Standard:DIN 20B



Roller Diam.: 19.05mm

Teeth Thickness: 18.50+0/-0.30 mm

Bore:  Finished Bore 50.8 ±0.013mm

Keyway & Set Screws: N/A

Heat Treatment: Teeth Hardness  45±HRC  Depth≥1.0mm

Surface Treatment: Green paint

Roller Chain Sprocket 20B15HT Green Painted

Roller Chain Sprocket 20B15HT Green Painted