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Hydraulic Cylinder-Snow Plow Hydraulic Cylinders-WP-2100PSI

Snow Plow Hydraulic Cylinders-WP-2100PSI

Our specialized staff is at your disposal for technical consultancy relating your project and the best type of materials to use based on your application. We mostly work “on drawing”, preparing personalized projects according to customer needs.
Once the project is defined, we produce our technical drawing by CAD 2D-3D systems and supply it to our customer for approval.

An accurate raw materials and seals selection brings to save costs and allow to produce high quality and powerful cylinders. For that reason, in the materi­als choice we consider the application field of our cylinder and the environment where it will work.
Specifically for chromed bars and tubes, we work only with producers or reliable suppliers.

We produce about120.000 cylinders per year and the whole process develops in our factory: cutting of raw materials, turning and milling machining, compo­nents and accessories welding, cylin­ders mounting and final testing.
All the above steps are made with latest generation CNC machines, welding robotized stations and specially made equipment. Each step of production is controlled and its progress is monitored with “production tag” filled up by the operator at the end of each process.All cylinders are marked with product code and number of produc­tion order, in order to have a full traceability.

All cylinders are controlled, during the assembling for possible defects of the com­ponents used and tested with the “method of variation of pneumatic pressure” for possible leakage; by sampling, or on customer request, cylinders are hydrauli­cally tested on pressure.