Use scope
The single stage oil cycle vacuum pumps of spiral slice type of series SYF and double stage oil cycle vacuum pumps of spiral slice style of your series of 2SYF are essential gear for abstracting the fuel from obturational Spiral%20slice%20type%202 - VACUUM PUMPS OF SPIRAL SLICE Kindcontainer to get vacuum. The double stage vacuum pumps of spiral slice style of the serie of 2SYF utilised for abstracting to obtain vacuum again on the basis of single stage pumps. It could possibly make the system attain the highest point vacuum.
(one)The style and design of avoiding oil-returning
The passage of fuel admission is specially built to avoid the returning of pumps oil delivering the abstracted container and pipeline soon after the pumps halt operating.
(two)The design and style of enviromental safety
The style and design of built-in gadget of mist getting rid of, and set oil-gas seperator around the vent, each handle the pollution of oil during the program of exhausting effectively.
(3) Aluminium alloy casing of electrical machinery
The electrical machinery use aluminium alloy casing, it has high efficiency of heat emission, and assure very long time typical operation continously, additionally, it has improved appearance top quality.
(four) The style of integration
The electrical machinery and pumps make use of the layout of integration creating the merchandise extra significant and affordable.
(five) Large starting up up moment
Our item styles specially aiming in the enviroment of lower temperation and electric pressure. ensuring the machine begins ordinarily at decrease temperatue of winter enviroment(?Y-5??) and reduced electric pressure(?Y180V).

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