Motore e riduttore a ingranaggi elicoidali

The helical gearbox is a type of transmission used in heavy-duty industrial applications. It is widely used in pumping equipment, conveyors, elevators, and agricultural applications. This type of gearbox also provides added safety and uniform power transmission in tough cleaning environments. A helical gearbox has numerous advantages. Listed below are some of the key characteristics of a helical gearbox. You can find one in your own neighborhood at a local power and mechanics supply store.

The main difference between a helical gearbox and a spur gear is the geometry of the helical gear system. A spur gear’s teeth are cut at a 90-degree angle, whereas a helical gear’s teeth are cut at an angle similar to the helix. The helical gear contacts start at one point and cover the entire gear tooth as the gears rotate. The helical gear is superior to a spur gear, and is available with ground or case-hardened gears.

Helical gear units have a high-quality design that eliminates the need for special hobbing tools or grinding stones. These tools are interchangeable with spur gear units from major manufacturers. Their design allows them to perform continuous duty in harsh operating conditions. The teeth of the gears are tempered to 58-62 HRC for added strength. In addition to that, they are made from high-strength gray cast iron. They are also made to withstand extreme loads, such as high-speed rotating machinery.

Helical gear motor and reducer systems have high radial load resistance and a high efficiency rating. They are often used in enclosed gear systems where thrust forces are eliminated. This type of gearbox features higher tooth overlap and smoother performance, and is often referred to as a double helical gearbox. In addition, these gear boxes are compact and lightweight. They are also a good choice for applications where high shock or vibration resistance is a key concern.

Helicoidal gears generate heat. This heat is absorbed by the lubricating oil and is a contributing factor in reduced efficiency. Some helical gearboxes require an oil cooler. Despite the additional cost, a helical gearbox is also quieter than a straight cut gearbox. This is good news for both home and passenger cars. But the downsides of a helical gearbox aren’t worth the increased price.

The main benefit of a helical gearbox is that its teeth are not parallel to the axis of rotation. This gives it the appearance of a helix. It has the potential to be quieter and more efficient than a spur gearbox. It can transmit more load than a spur gear and requires less maintenance. Compared to spur gears, a helical gearbox also has less wear on the helical components.

Helicoidal gears have many advantages over spur gears. They are less noisy and produce less vibration and noise than spur gears. Additionally, helical gears are made of steel and are tightly coupled to the fold rolls. As a result, they provide solid reliability. The positive gear drive also eliminates slippage between the fold rolls, leading to more consistent folds. So if you are looking for a helical gearbox for your next heavy-duty application, the PB series is perfect for you.

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