Réducteurs agricoles

Sunfield offers reliable agricultural gearbox solutions for almost any farming application. The agricultural gearbox is the main mechanical component of the kinematic chain of farming machines. We made the high quality for all kinds of agriculture gearboxes. Vast choices include the agricultural machine application of rotary cutters, fertilizer spreaders, feed mixers, post hole diggers, flail mowers, rotary tillers, etc.

L'importance des boîtes de vitesses agricoles

Boîte de vitesses agricole pour les agriculteurs pour optimiser les performances de la machine, leur permettre de maximiser la productivité. Ces boîtes de vitesses sont composées de fermés dans la coque de l'arbre et de l'engrenage ; la puissance de transmission d'un arbre d'entrée à un ou plusieurs arbres de sortie se situe entre la direction, la vitesse et/ou les changements de rotation de l'arbre d'entrée et de l'arbre de sortie.

Gear wear can bring significant losses to farmers, and they are the primary users of this equipment. Agricultural applications require a high-quality gearbox. From soil preparation to sowing, harvesting, and preparing various goods, the whole food cycle is vital to the gearbox in agricultural equipment. Because with the growth of the population, the demand for food increases, the subsequent equipment wear increase, farmers will need they depend so much on the high quality of machine parts. Otherwise, costly downtime could seriously hinder production and can’t meet the growing demand.

Pour les mélangeurs d'alimentation :

Une large gamme de boîtes de vitesses pour machines agricoles utilisées pour la collecte, le mélange d'aliments et la distribution de fourrage ou le nettoyage du bétail.

Pour la préparation du sol :

Réducteurs agricoles pour machines utilisées pour les petits travaux agricoles, la préparation du sol et le traitement des cultures.

Entretien des espaces verts :

Systèmes de transmission de puissance conçus pour les besoins spécifiques des machines agricoles pour le jardinage et l'entretien des espaces verts.

Demande de service agricole :

Des systèmes de transmission de puissance adaptés aux exigences du bâtiment et des services à la collectivité : des bétonnières aux pompes hydrauliques et aux groupes électrogènes.

High-quality agricultural gearbox from Sunfield

Sunfield agricultural gearbox experienced engineers can design custom gear to meet your application’s unique specifications, covering all aspects from prototyping to final testing production. For more information on the agricultural gearbox and other products, please Nous contacter, cherchant de l'aide pour déterminer la bonne solution pour votre application.

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  • Boîtes de vitesses pour tondeuses à gazon
  • Replacement of Comer gearboxes
  • Boîtes de vitesses pour fraises rotatives
  • Replacement of Omni Gearboxes
  • Boîtes de vitesses pour slashers rotatifs
  • Replacement of CMR Gearboxes
  • Réducteurs d'épandage d'engrais
  • Boîtes de vitesse de mélangeur d'alimentation
  • Boîtes de vitesse de mélangeur
  • Boîtes de vitesses pour excavatrices de trous de poteau
Boîte de vitesses agricole EP27
Spécification de la cannelure de la boîte de vitesses agricole 1 "3/8 Z6 ratio 1: 1/1.35: 1/1: 1.9
Boîte de vitesses pour excavatrice de trous de poteau EP16
Boîtes de vitesses des tondeuses à fléaux - Remplacement du code Comer T-313J
Boîte de vitesse de coupe rotative EP25
Tondeuse à fléaux Boîte de vitesses EP P33
Boîtes de vitesses de générateur
Boîtes de vitesses des tondeuses rotatives - Remplacement du code Comer LF-149B
Réducteurs de mélangeur d'engrais - Remplacement du code Comer MR-90 1: 1
Boîtes de vitesses pour fraises rotatives - Remplacement de l'Omni Code RC-100
Boîtes de vitesses de micro-timon
Boîte de vitesse d'agitateurs pour les eaux usées EP22
Boîtes de vitesses des tondeuses - Remplacement de la boîte de vitesses Bondioli Pavesi Code 1080
Boîtes de vitesses des tondeuses rotatives - Remplacement du code Comer LF-199A
Boîte de vitesses de micro-barre EP11
Boîte de vitesses pour machines agricoles
Réducteurs angulaires – Remplacement de Comer Code T-27A 1:1
Réducteurs angulaires – Remplacement de Comer Code L-5A 1:1
Boîte de vitesses pour agitateurs pour eaux usées
Boîtes de vitesses des tondeuses rotatives - Remplacement du code Comer LF-211J
Boîtes de vitesses pour fraises rotatives - Remplacement de l'Omni Code RC-61T
Boîtes de vitesses pour scies circulaires et scies à ruban – Remplacement de Comer Code T-19G
Boîtes de vitesses des tondeuses à fléaux - Remplacement du code Comer TL-310J
Boîte de vitesse de coupe rotative EP10
Boîte de vitesse de coupe rotative EP02

Exigences techniques des boîtes de vitesses agricoles

1. Il ne doit y avoir aucun dommage mécanique ou défaut de moulage dans les fissures, les trous, etc. dans aucune partie de la boîte de vitesses agricole.

2. La surface de la boîte de vitesses de la machine doit être maintenue propre et la finition de la surface de l'arbre ne doit pas être inférieure à 76.

3. L'ellipticité de chaque trou d'arbre dans la boîte de vitesses des machines agricoles n'est pas supérieure à 0,015 ~ 0,02 mm.

4. L'irrégularité de l'axe central de chaque trou d'arbre ne dépasse pas 0,04 mm et la longueur est de 100 mm.

5. La distance entre les arbres de la boîte de vitesses des machines agricoles.

6. La relation entre le trou de roulement de la boîte de vitesses agricole et le boîtier de roulement.

Agricultural right-angle gearbox

Agricultural right-angle gearbox

Agricultural processing equipment, agricultural manufacturing equipment, and agricultural machine drive systems require reliable high-power performance. Delivering this level of performance in an agricultural right-angle gearbox requires high precision gearing as well as quality materials and construction.

High-quality agricultural right-angle gearbox

Right angle gearboxes from Sunfield feature an efficient and compact design, quiet operation, and reliable, economical speed and power transfer. Our right-angle gearboxes feature spiral bevel gears mounted on input and output shafts positioned at a 90-degree angle, allowing the gearbox to intersect one plane or two parallel planes.

The curved teeth of the premium spiral bevel gear improve high-speed contact and reduce vibration and noise. The fully enclosed design provides maintenance-free operation while ensuring that the internal gears will not be out of alignment, clogged, or contaminated with debris.

Standard and IP65 rated helical gear units are available in 1:1 and 2:1 ratio and in bidirectional (one output shaft) or three output shafts) versions.

  • Standard: Black anodized aluminum housing, non-magnetic stainless steel shaft
  • IP65 rating: Nickel-plated aluminum housing, non-magnetic stainless steel shaft, shaft seals, food-grade grease

Flexibility and enhanced traction make the Agricultural Right Angle Transmission an excellent choice for high-volume agricultural applications as well as tractor applications. All units are precision machined, carefully inspected, and pre-lubricated for long life and maintenance-free.

agricultural gearboxes application

Agricultural Gearbox Repairs

If you own an agricultural machine, you may need agricultural gearbox repairs. These vital machineries must function under the most demanding conditions. Increasing weight loads and temperatures can make these gearboxes unreliable. That’s what Norfolk Bearings does. We rebuild and repair agricultural gearboxes to keep your machine running smoothly. We offer a wide range of services for all types of gearboxes.

Agricultural equipment manufacturers require high-performance, reliable power transmission systems. Bevel gearboxes provide high load capacity for modern harvesters. These systems require reliable, efficient control and easy operation. Leading agricultural equipment manufacturers choose Sunfield Gearbox Company to keep their machines running efficiently and safely. Here are some tips to help you choose the right agricultural gearbox. You can even customize the shaft configuration to suit your needs.

Bevel gearboxes are available in different configurations and design patterns. They are available in motors from 1 hp to 1000 hp. Depending on the application, the Bevel gearbox can use them in reduced-speed applications. Other gearboxes include spiral bevel gearboxes, worm gearboxes, helical gearboxes, cycloidal, inline, and parallel gearboxes.

Maintenance of agricultural gearboxes is a must for Sunfield cutters. Their design and quality have long been proven and passed the American National Standards Institute standards. Sunfield cutters have proven to work more reliably, and they have extra features like thick and durable laminated steel decks that are easier to use and last longer. They also feature a heavy-duty slip-clutch drivetrain for maximum driveline protection. These routers also feature a slip-clutch system and a positive-fitting stump jumper that protects the output shaft from sudden shocks.

Sunfield gearboxes are used for agricultural equipment in numerous industries, including bulk material handling, cement manufacturing, pulp and paper, food and beverage, and chemical processing. Sunfield gearboxes are also a popular choice in the food processing industry because they can handle various applications in pulping and grinding. These are areas where Sunfield systems are known for their quality and reliability.

Compared with other types of agricultural machinery, Sunfield gearboxes have many advantages, such as a high degree of flexibility. If your gearbox has been damaged or you need to get it fixed, you can rely on Sunfield Gearbox Company for your agricultural gearbox repair needs. We specialize in right angle, bevel, worm, helical, worm drives, and spindles for various applications. Our skilled and experienced staff will repair or replace damaged gears for your agricultural gearbox needs.

Sunfield Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-performance agricultural gearboxes, including reverse engineered and custom-designed gearboxes. Agricultural gearboxes help farmers optimize the performance of their machines by transmitting power from the input shaft to the output shaft. They also allow changing speed, direction, and rotation. They can also repair and replace standard components, including bearings and seals, and help you design and build your custom gearbox.

Agricultural equipment is subjected to severe environmental conditions, including dust, moisture, and heat. For example, equipment used for sowing and tilling crops must remain operational in very wet conditions. In addition, agricultural gearboxes must withstand high temperatures, high-speed operation, and increased weight loads. Due to these factors, these components must maintain the highest level of performance and reliability. For this reason, Sunfield is committed to providing high-quality agricultural gearbox repairs.

Assembly of Réducteurs agricoles