The Advantages of a Locking Assembly

The advantages of a locking assembly are many. These couplings are reliable, easy to install and remove, and they are less expensive than many alternatives. Let’s take a closer look at what makes them so great. These couplings feature two, three, or four rings to ensure maximum positioning adjustability. The advantages of locking assemblies are many and the pros outweigh the cons. A locking assembly can be installed between the shaft and hub, making it easy to install and remove.

A locking assembly is an ideal solution for many industrial applications. The main benefit of these assemblies is their durability and cost-effectiveness. They can be reused numerous times, requiring only an occasional screw change and inspection for wear and tear. A stainless steel locking assembly is also available on shorter lead times than keyways, reducing overall downtime and cost. Once installed, it can last for several years. However, if the locking assembly is worn out or damaged, it may need to be replaced.

A customer recently spent a significant amount of money on maintenance of their ball mill machine. The customer used a competing locking assembly, but the assembly was so damaged that it was impossible to unlock the machine. It took five to six maintenance engineers an entire day to remove the damaged component. Despite their efforts, the faulty product was a replica of the RINGFEDER five-part locking assembly. The locking assembly was broken into several pieces. The repair cost was about $30,000 and countless man hours.

A self-centering locking assembly is an ideal solution for ensuring a high degree of concentricity in the clamped components. The maximum concentricity error is 0.04 mm. These locking assemblies are used for machine tools, gear wheel mounting, and rotary pumps. In addition, they provide a 360-degree clamping force for the shaft. Additionally, their radial clamping pressures transmit axial or torque loads through friction between functional surfaces.

A locking assembly eliminates backlash and other potential problems associated with keyways. Installing a locking assembly requires only a few minutes, with no machining required. These assemblies are also much easier to maintain because they do not require any special tooling or installation. Because they don’t require backlash, they are a good choice if you need to tighten or remove a shaft. However, to avoid unnecessary expenses, choose an assembly made of high yield strength materials.

A Ringfeder locking assembly is far superior to an external clamping connection. It is installed between the shaft and the hub and creates a friction-fit press connection. Its design allows for higher torques and can withstand axial, radial, and bending loads. A RINGFEDER(r) Locking Assembly offers far superior concentricity and resistance to alternating torsion than a traditional shrink-fit.

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