Agricultural Gearboxes

Tooltuff offers an extensive range of agricultural gearboxes for a variety of applications. These products are long-lasting and competitively priced. Many of their products are specifically designed to reduce input shaft speeds to help tractors run pumps and other equipment. Some also increase the speed of the tractor's PTO.

A quality agricultural gearbox should have multiple features that make it easy to maintain. This will save you time and money in the long run. You will also be able to avoid downtime, which is costly for farmers. Agricultural gearboxes are usually designed to last for several decades, so make sure that you buy a durable one.

When purchasing an agricultural gearbox, make sure to check that it is free of mechanical damage and casting defects. It must also meet the AASHTO standard for torque at the service limit state. This ensures that the torque does not exceed 75% of the yield strength. In addition, it should have rolling element bearings with an L-10 life of 40,000 hours. Finally, it must meet the AGMA standard for gear quality.

Tooltuff Company has been manufacturing top-quality agricultural gear drives. Its extensive product line features bevel, worm, and parallel shaft gear drives. Additionally, the company's engineers can custom design a gear drive for your specific application, including final testing and prototyping. In the event that you need a special type of agricultural gearbox, the company offers a custom solution that can meet your needs.

An agricultural gearbox is an integral part of the kinematic of any agricultural machine. It transmits the torque from the tractor's PTO shaft to various components, including the tractor's hydraulics. It also includes other components like belt , belts, and chain gears. Most agricultural gearboxes feature one input shaft and one output shaft, which are always at right angles.

An agricultural gearbox must be designed to withstand the rough conditions of the agricultural industry. It must be rugged and dependable to withstand constant washdown and constant operation during harvest periods. In addition, it must be easily available. The power transmission drives in tractors must be able to meet these requirements, so they must be reliable and fit for the intended purpose.

A synchromesh gearbox can provide smooth shifting. The synchromesh device brings the shaft speeds to the same speed, which causes less wear and tear on the gears. Its synchromesh mechanism also helps reduce the amount of friction within the gearset, reducing the amount of wear on the gears.

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